an adjective defining anything related to trade r commerce
The trade routes, which were the basis of the Italian states, became insecure, and mercantile trade started to decline.
by Zeba May 15, 2008
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Bob: "Jane is in a really bad mood."
Larry: "I guess it will be mercantilism when she gets home"
by Stormchaser221 November 26, 2010
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the art of merc-ing fools.
By dribbling through the entire team, Joe demonstrated mercantilism....the art of merc-ing fools
by Jew Scum April 9, 2008
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The concept that there is a finite amount of education in a given environment, so that there is a benefit to depriving others of a quality education in order to increase the benefits to themselves.
The reason why there is little to no effort to improve failing public school systems is because those in power believe in Educational Mercantilism, and having the best education for their child means that education needs to be better than those of others.
by Auedar May 6, 2022
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A sexual position with two men and a woman. One man is fucking the woman while being fucked in the ass. Named after a popular GLBT bar in Sacramento called the Mercantile Saloon (known for pouring heavily and not charging much) where the idea was conceptualized.
Treighton is the middle in a mercantile pretzel with his girlfriend and the random guy from the gay bar.
by Shayded August 29, 2015
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A man fucking a woman while being fucked in the ass.
Mercantile is a popular gay bar in the heart of California's capital city, Sacramento, leaning it's name to the the said "pretzel"
Treighton was in the middle of a mercantile pretzel
by Shayded August 16, 2015
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A person who is incredibly annoying as a salesperson, clerk, or bartender. Someone who is a douche about how much they are charging for something.

Charging a lot of money for something is not what qualifies an individual as a mercantile douche. The individual must get upset and defensive when you challenge or inquire about the pricing schedule of their product. Basically they will be a dick when you ask about the price of something, and act like they are personally offended by your question. This description of an individual is especially poignant when the individual that is acting as a mercantile douche is not the individual who sets the prices or actually receives increased revenue from the pricing schedule.
Bar Patron: "Hi sir, why does this IPA only get a 12oz pour but the pale ale is 16oz?"
Mercantile Douche: {launches into lengthy diatribe about the cost of brewing beer and state laws about alcohol consumption. also uses condescending tone and has hipster mutton chops}
Bar Patron: "Geez man, I was just curious... I'll take a pale ale"
Mercantile Douche: {ignores social cue from patron that he doesn't want or need the lecture and continues his butthurt speech about why you should pay the same price for less on the IPA, eventually does poor beer}

"Wow, I just asked that bartender why the IPA cost a dollar more than the pale ale. He got super butthurt about defensive and started lecturing me about the cost of making beer. What a Mercantile Douche."
by kingofthedodge December 31, 2019
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