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when something so frieking amazing that you have no other word to describe it, or if you are stoned and excited you scream it! Also used as a question like what's up?
(walking into your friends room) "Meowzers?"
"Dude I've got the munchies Cane's, fuggin MEOWZERS!"
by E-machine February 24, 2008
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something one might scream quite loudly after their deviant, wild, overly aggressive and slightly rabid four legged (or three) feline rips wildly into the tender flesh of one's leg out of anger, arousal, or pure bordom
MEOWZER!!!!! (screaming this all the while lying in agony in a pool of one's own blood while your devil spawn cat sits in apparent satisfaction)
by Hendrix's human servant June 20, 2007
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The 'doggo' equivalent for a cat
Can you remember to feed the meowzer tonigh?

Omg, look at all these meowzers!

That's a mighty cute meowzer :)
via giphy
by dribear June 12, 2018
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Kind of like meow but with a -zers at the end. It could mean many different things, it depends on how you use it. But usually it is something you say when you are surpised or confused.
Unsuspecting Pedestrian: Meowzers! It's MooMan!

MooMan: LOL OMG!

by Tuesday Way July 16, 2008
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It means a small animal with white boots and gloves and small and brow or gray and obese
what’s that big huge gray thing??? MEOWZER!!!!!
by Yololalalalauolo August 28, 2019
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It's is when something awesome happens or u just don't know what to say

For ex talking to your crush:So hmmmm MEWOZERS?!?!
by Jilly_Pickle January 05, 2017
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