Noun: Something insidious, evil, and/or devious designed to rip apart humanity and destroy everything we hold dear while at the same time leaving no opportunity for repair.

Can be used as an insult or compliment/observation.

Martha: wow i really hate her.
Theresa: she's just devil spawn.
Martha: i know, right?


Joe: these cookies r freakin delicious!
Not Joe: theyire devil spawn, yo!
by devilspawn2 November 16, 2009
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A person with true potential of becoming Satans right hand man causing pain and destruction with every moment creating a trail of fabulous blazing fire behind him.
The only reason I'm alive is because the Devil's Spawn hasn't found me yet!
by xXfusionXx March 2, 2015
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Someone who is pure evil; does evil things without reason. Ex:Bob Greenblatt, new programming head of Showtime.
DLM Fan 1:Why did Greenblatt cancel Dead Like Me?
DLM Fan 2:Because he's the Devil's spawn, that's why...
by ReaperAyane December 30, 2005
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The child of someone who is viewed as evil, or a no-do-gooder. This creates the illusion that the child is evil or bad as well.
P1: Who's that over there?
P2: Oh, thats the devil's spawn of Hitler.

*Both run away*
by Germa88 May 8, 2009
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A person that is born from the uterus of the devil, does mean and bitchy things, is pure evil
This bitch named Brianna Falcon, she's the devil's spawn xdxdxdxd
by brianna falcon March 27, 2017
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