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An inability to articulate one's thoughts or ideas, resulting in significant psychological distress and frustration.

Typically, this form of cognitive impaction is self-resolving. However, in cases where productive interchange with the afflicted is urgently needed, a deadline may be administered; indeed, this has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for stubborn cases of mental constipation.
Mark: "So, you know, it's like... uh, er... damn, you know, that, uh... thing!"
Dave: "Yeesh. It's too bad that they don't make a laxative for mental constipation!"
by Joshua B. Wright April 05, 2004
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A synonym for writer's block, only more extreme. Where one cannot think properly due to many things: insomnia, nightmares, under-disgested hummus, brain farting and many more serious reasons such as amnesia.
Person 1: What's 2+2?
Person 2: Uhh...34?
Person 1: ...what?
Person 2: Sorry, I'm suffering from mental constipation
by alstarryn January 05, 2009
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When you have the inability to give a sh*t at a said moment
Friend 1- Dude i just broke the car window
Friend 2- i have mental constipation with your problem
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by Kinkycutlhu669 July 12, 2018
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Inability or unwillingness to express one's emotions. Creates the impression of a cold or unfeeling person. Often associated with having an anal personality. High doses of alcohol are the best known remedy.
He's got such a bad case of mental constipation, if he ever did say anything, shit would come out of his mouth!
by Robodok December 05, 2007
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