yiddish expression to describe someone who is a jerk or asshole. Can also be used to describe an unreliable business associate.
Silverstein never called me back about that database, what a mengele!
by Jack Faromir Khan July 19, 2006
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Also known as getting Josef Mengeled. Getting "Mengeled" or "Josef Mengeled" is to get beyond shittered, as drunk as can be, leaving no survivors. No man left sober, everyone wasted.
Boys tonight we are getting right fucked up. No man left surviving, everyone is getting mengeled!
by Mahatma Goondi 2.0 October 18, 2013
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Act of experimenting on patients without consent, particularly in ways that are harmful or sadistic.
My stomach is so bruised I think the doctor mengeled me while I was under the gas
by Walter Salvatori December 4, 2008
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A Bro'd up version of Josef Mengele, the feared Nazi physician.
Person 1: What's up brosef mengele?
Person 2: Nothing much.
by PoopieDeLoopie January 8, 2010
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One of the sickest fucked up bastards in history. He did various medical experiments to the Jews (and other ppl but mainly ethnic Jews) In Auschwitz.

He sewed twins together

Sewed a teddy bear to a 3 year olds chest (to see what would happen)
Tore the muscles from peoples legs off and made them walk.
Skinned people alive to see how long it woud take them to die.
Cut off limbs, Cut out organs etc.
Injected Dye and Bleach into peoples eyes.
Made twins impregnant and have sex with eachother .
Burnt peoples skin and flesh off.
Performed sex change operations on children (twins)

Cut of peoples genitles.
Injected people with various chemicals.
Performed numerous sick, twisted operations.

ALL of his ''medical experiments'' were done WITHOUT pain killers/anestisia and the ''patients'' were NEVER put to sleep.
I hate nazis, especially that Pussy Josef Mengele
May that fucked up cunt rot in hell.
by IhateNazis75 September 15, 2009
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A satanic, sadistic scumbag who managed to evade authorities for over 3 decades hiding in South America until he passed away, untouched.
Josef Mengele was a sick, evil Nazi doctor who avoided authorities for a hecka long time by escaping to Argentina, then Paraguay and eventually Brazil, using several aliases while on the run for 34 years until he drowned while swimming, via a stroke. In my opinion, his heinous acts, accompanied by his fugitive life has caught up with Mengele with his death.
by Jose Maldito August 20, 2007
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a sick, twisted, demented, insane, psychopathic, fucked up, nazi motherfucker. nicknamed the "angel of death". he is the basis for the fuckin awsome S L A Y E R song "Angel of Death". he did sick ass experiments on jews at a concentration camp in auschwitz.
auschwitz, the meaning of pain
the way that i want you to die
slow death, immense decay
showers that cleanse you of your life
forced in, like cattle you run
human mice, for the angel of death
four hundred thousand more to die
S L A Y E R rulez.
by MetallilbangeR April 8, 2005
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