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A rare condition where one must inhale memes. Memes such as "21" and "doge" are the best for the unlucky people with this condition. The best inhalation method is by screaming memes into a barrel, bottle or anything that can be sealed and breathing them through a straw. Other symptoms are, Vietnam flashbacks, Harambe images appearing all over the body and only being to read Comic Sans.
Ah, yes, all of the symptoms resembles that of memeitis'. I am so sorry.
by PinkPandaPussyPopper69 April 03, 2017
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A disease that causes memory loss, pepes to appear on the skin and finally the skin turns pink and you will being to have random seizures on the ground.
I would go out with you but I have memeitis so I can't.
by Dr. Rhaj Al Ghul June 14, 2016
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The condition or behaviour of abusing memes through gratuitous use out of context, often out of desperation to feel inclusive in a community. The original meme loses its humour and value, and risks subsequently being abandoned in disgust by its originating community. Symptoms of memeitis include:-
1. The used meme not being self-explanatory to the recipient community, i.e. used out of context and requiring research or defining for understanding
2. Theft from and loss of appreciation of the original source of creativity that produced the meme, thereby cheaply and shamefully appealing to the lowest common denominator without contributing any real creativity for the benefit of others
3. The meme being assimilated by content aggregators such as 9gag, Reddit, or Facebook meme pages, and used with reckless abandon
Examples of memeitis include, out of context: >mfw, trollface, lulz, did he died, ROFLCOPTER...
by fh274hfp293 June 14, 2014
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