A sexual act in which one vigorously fingers something or someone while bouncing around like jello. One person must have breasts. There fore the melon part. Tounge is often part of jello melon.
We were about to jello melon when the phone rang.
by Bellyuoers August 07, 2015
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Phrase used when you trick someone into believing a lie. Sorta like saying SIKE bitch
Him: I really see myself marrying you...

Her: Awww baby, you’re serious???

Him: HA! HA! G’d your melon dumb ass!!!!
by Melly Rich June 05, 2021
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Someone who believes in the heart of cards in every computer game but in the end always intentionally feeds.

Especially know from league of legends game play. So, better leave when you are in queue with an ice melon.
Play seriously or you are an ice melon.
by CircaTheImprecise October 11, 2020
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Fruit that tastes nothing like honey and everything like dew.
"I love the taste of honeydew melon!" Said no one ever.
by Cleo1996 December 07, 2021
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True Melons wield the power of melons, and they do not care about scientific facts about them. Those are for nooby scrubs named Midnight. True Melons will unite against imposters, and smite them from Earth. All who disagree shall be dismembered and fed to the beasts of hell.
The True Melons are the best :P
by M3l0n H3@d May 29, 2019
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