a major hottie, usually high school english teachers
sam personally referred to mr. meloche as "mr. intellectual"
by samantha escamilla November 12, 2006
A way of life best expressed through Paul Giamatti.
Person 1: He looks depressed.

Person 2: He must be a Meloche.
by your favorite dynamic duo August 28, 2008
Hannah Meloche is a youtuber. She’s part of the Girdies. She very sweet and a very cool person.
Person1: Do you know Hannah Meloche
Person2: Yes, she is the coolest
by _BabyDols_ November 4, 2018
A Snotty Meloche is when a hooker has a snotty nose. She sucks back the snot, coughs it back up, spits it into her hand and begins to jerk you off with it.
That hooker was so sick with a clogged snotty nose but she felt good enough to give me a Snotty Meloche.
by Rancher Robb January 23, 2022