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someone who weasles out of work
Yo dawg why you gotta try and medlock your way out fixing shit!
by 5ui5ide February 14, 2008
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To unnecessarily reinstall software on a computer for a lack of understanding the actual problem.
damn, windows is freezing up on me. I will have to medlock it.
by knailz March 07, 2008
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A medlock is a big boobed mangina. He/she likes to suck the end of a horses falice. Whilst sitting and reciting Fantastic Mr Fox to himself at home, he has female slave weasels suck upon his juicy moobs. Opening park gates turns him on.

Also, he likes to suck air out of television speakers and polished dishwashers with his tongue.
Boy: Hey look at that boy/girl over there who has boobs, sucking on a falice, reciting fantastic mr fox with weasels sucking upon his nipples, wanking over that gate, sucking that speaker and licking that polished dishwasher!

Girl: Yeah! He's such a Medlock.
by sdfsdgf January 20, 2009
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