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Any of a number of drawings/sketches/images depicting either mecha, vehicles, or machines in anthropomorphic (human-like) poses or activities. Related to the furry, Mechies are deplored for illustrating lewd and/or sexual acts, although this is the exception rather than the rule.
Raul: Hey, Pierre, have you seen my latest mechy?
Pierre: I sure have! That Gundam and airplane were getting it on!
Raul: Woot! 1337 H4XX0R2 F7W n0085!
Pierre: Hurf-durf you're a loser.
by TigerMan! July 09, 2007
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Adj; okay, in the middle, middle quality

Derived from the expression "meh".
Person 1: "Hey how was your day?"
Person 2: "It was mechy."
by flaxenichor October 15, 2018
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