In my mind
He's my BOO (IMM)
by naab93 May 1, 2011
IMM stands for the phrase "In my mouth."

Often used to make sexual references out of everyday conversation. Basically pointless, but can be hilarious when used sporadically and at the right moments.
Friend: He's sooo hot!
You: ..IMM

Friend: Just put it there!
You: ...IMM
by vanillabean001 April 10, 2010
Involuntary Mouse Movement

The accidental movement or click of a computer mouse that usually affects another person.
(computer): Video call has just been started.
(computer): Video call has just ended.

Man 1: What the hell??

Man 2: Sorry bro, IMM.

Man 1: Alright man, cool (Y)
by Cory Lavery May 14, 2010
Imme is a very sweet and beautiful girl. She is always there for you with a smile and is very cheerful. She is shy but opens up when you get to know her. She is very vulnerable and unsure of herself, and she relies on others around her. She is very loyal and you are lucky to have her in your life.
Person 1: Omg that girl is the sweetest!

Person 2: that’s imme, she’s the nicest girl in the grade
by Nuepho June 18, 2019
n. Short for immortal. Usually used in MUDs.
The fucking Imm whimped all my shit.
by Brian Alwrite November 18, 2003
Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic girl, that is also beautiful, charming and has a vivid spirit.
You're such an Imme today
by Habibi0303 April 11, 2019
complete slag with few friends, often dyslexic, found on the street, drinking smoking & taking drugs. always has a bitch by her side who she practically licks and wont do anything she doesnt like. complete bitch and disgusting slag.
ye ye maytee did you see that dick'ed imm? she is a state man. drinking smoking drugs. her mum disowned her. she thinks she's well 'ard but shes insecure biatch.
by imm-is-gay July 6, 2009