When you are getting SVC or Full Service from a prostitute or whore.
by Pussy121212 October 18, 2010
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swavesey is 'the best school ever' HA YOU THOUGHT ! it's a shit school with cardboard roof tiles that the year nines punch in , all the girls are skanky and boys are ugly ! teachers all have a ankle fetish. JG forhead is bigger than africa, SN looks like a squirrel and DM is a sensitive prick that cried when MA took his timer . the toilet doors have all the gossip on them like how GBJ stuffs her bra and how LK is fishy . if you look in the roof of the toilet you'll find some piff . Remember no white socks
omg look at that shit school *points at swavesey village collage * we love swavesey village collage SVC rules
by A concerned student in svc December 20, 2019
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A group of passionate students working in the direction of transforming lives and shaping a better world using entrepreneurial action.
Do you want to get a sneak peek into the corporate world, turn ideas into reality, make an impact, make connections and have fun while doing all of it?
Enactus SVC is the place for you!
From field visits to after visit parties, Enactus SVC is a complete package.
by DC 108 November 28, 2021
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