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The website where one dude is riding another dude. His dick is spinning in circles and there is a counter showing how long you've watched this homosexual act.
Many people send it to other people on AIM for laughs.
"Yo dawg, check out"
"Son, this better not be some gay shit"
"Faggot, I knew this was gunna be mad gay."
by The b00n September 25, 2005
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A website consisting of a flash showing a transsexual having anal intercourse with a man, with the transexual's penis spinning around in a circle. The flash also has a loop of "You spin me right round baby" which fits the flash perfectly. The flash also shows a grey square with the text "YOU ARE OFFICIALLY GAY :-)" after the spins reach 46. This site is immence fun to send to friends if you want to gross your homophobic friends out.
OMFG! Don't ever send me again!!! *Throws up*
by Pdoughnut March 28, 2006
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A Shock site, depicting a Hermaphrodite, having anal sex with a man. During this time His/Her cock is spinning in circles. The site features a counter that tells you how many spins you have made it through. Once it reaches 48 spins "YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY GAY :-)" will be displayed. The site also features links to other shock sites. The shock site includes the He/She from Meatspin.
1. DUDE! Why the fuck did you have to pwn me with! I feel dirty!

2. Mmmmm. I fapped to the video cause it was hot!
by Fallev x September 26, 2008
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A new way of internet trickery, used as a dumb joke for teens and older kids, I got tricked by having my freind tell me it was an awsome game site, BUT, it's acctually 2 homosexuals having anal sex, and the man on the top with his dick spinning in a circle, (that's were the site gets it's name), it's the "cool" or "popular thing" to do now to others in school, -DO NOT GO ON THE SITE- it's just a new gay thing thats popular on IM, and stupid school jokes.
"DUDE! go on, it's really cool free games"



guy throws up after watching the clip of gay anal cock spinning sex
by the guy telling you not to go February 26, 2009
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