A website used with the express purpose of startling the living crap out of anyone you link it to. Examples include tubgirl, lemonparty, and goatse.
Watch out for that link. It redirects to some shock site I've never seen before.
by connorbd@yahoo.com March 6, 2004
A website used with the express purpose of shocking the living crap out of anyone you link it to. Examples include felch.me, tubgirl, lemonparty, and goatse.
Watch out for that link. I clicked on it and it redirects to a shock site, felch.me - eugh!!
by thedelph December 23, 2012
A shock site is a website that is intended to be offensive or disturbing to its viewers, containing materials of high shock value which is also considered distasteful and crude, and is generally of a pornographic, scatological, or extremely violent nature. Some shock sites display a single picture, animation, or video clip, or a small gallery, and are often passed around via email or disguised in posts to discussion sites as a hoax in an attempt to trick readers into following the link to the website. Other shock sites are merely websites that openly display shocking material. Famous examples include: goatse.cx, lemonparty.org, lolshock.com and hai2u.com.
That Shock Site you sent me is disgusting! I feel like vomiting now!
by SimonTheKing May 7, 2008
A site that is created for offending/shocking or otherwise to gross out people with a repeating pornographic/gay porn/eating poop or other gross animation. Most shock sites does not contain bad words on its URL that will make people suspect that is a bad site. People send shock sites to their friends to trick them. The most common way is to say "free PowerPoint templates, go to www.pressurespot.com." Some sites redirects to shock sites, some viruses/JavaScript hijack your home page to a shock site. Meatspin is a shock site with full of links for other shock sites. There are also tubgirl, creampie, lemonparty.org.
I think shock sites are just funny so I sent the links to random people.
by SandaimeSpaceMan March 4, 2008
A place to satisify that darker human sense of curiousity.

www.snuffx.com are good starting points.
Shit, did you see that beheading from the shock site the other day, what a face!
by prof.reg.fritter July 11, 2008
A website that tricks the user into doing something (usually by creating a fake link), but when the user visits the site, the site just shows them something gross, perverted, or just plain stupid.
Some examples of shock sites are www.lemonparty.org, 2 Girls 1 Cup, www.k-k-k.com, pain olympics, and 1 man 1 jar. I have to admit though, when I think of them, I laugh so hard my heart hurts!!!!!!!! XD
by Cummy worm February 12, 2011
Is a website intended to shock people, many shock sites have a homepage with a disturbing image, the most famous was Goatse.cx wich was closed in 2004.
Hey I found a free flash videogame!
Here's the link: *put a shock site URL*

OMG I just got Goatse'd!!
by Elia1995 August 2, 2009