An exclamation of aggression, most often used by Dooblebob from Spongebob episode 34, season 2.
"ME HOY MINOY!" declared Doodlebob.
by Pheldda November 26, 2015
A phrase used towards an individual's significant other during sexy times to pleasure and/or excite them. It is most known to work on those who are attracted to Doodlebob, marine biologists, people who really fucking like sponges, people with gibberish kinks, and/or those who enjoy the Shrek movies.
And the lover whispered into his partner's ear, "Me hoy minoy...". After a momentary pause, they responded with a gasp and "Bwah ha whah".
by GitGudBeotch April 22, 2016
Riding around with the big stikk erasin shit...
A sport, a chekk on falsities, or what to say when your white with a 30 round at Wal-Mart.
Fukk them ho's Lloyd... You tryna play me hoy minoy with they ass"
by Yungn5Hansumm August 31, 2019
To klarify Yungn definition, its the sport we play when we run around at 2 am with the banana klips and drummies lookin for summun to knokk off the atlas. All is Well
Falsities chekk
"You ever play Me Hoy Minoy?' - 1. Chekking
"Koulda gone pro" - 2. Korrekt
"(Anything else)" - 2. False
by H.N.I.C. K.A.B. March 9, 2020
"Me hoy minoy" is Spanish and translates to "I love you today."
Me hoy minoy mi amor.(I love you today my love)
by B*tchpl3as3 May 21, 2022