Yungn is a young boss who gives 0 fucks.
Yungn is about his money & doesn’t got time to cuff these hoes because he is focused on getting rich.
Yungn only rolls with other bosses & real niggas.
Yungn rolls with older/mature bosses & not immature young broke boys.
Yungn is a minor who can still do grown nigga shit because he got all types of plugs everywhere.
Yungn is the minor that you see in the night clubs/bar with no I.D getting Lit as fuck
Yungn is the BEST YOUNGEST RAPPER of this new generation
Yungn got bars.

young boss real as fuck single for life by choice successful talented ambitious
Yungn got time for no chillin.
Yungn busy chasin the billions
Yungn grindin for the riches,
Yungn wonderin how u feelin
by Yungn the rapper April 5, 2018
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