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McFuckery is when one is so intoxicated that they decide to go there- (meaning McDonalds)- in the first place. And then, the McDonalds employees get one’s order wrong and don’t give said one any ketchup packets!
Joe: “yo bro, I know this is a first-world-problem and shit, but I was just handed some McFuckery.”

Bob: “What kind of McFuckery is this?!”
by Keronica Kadwell February 10, 2018
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Means to use any and all known ways that one person would know of to get out of taking the blame or getting caught or taking responsibiltie for ones wrong doings and ones rude selfish disrepectful disgusting abuseive cold degrading bad behaviours that any one human could do to another human or being utterly irresponsible and unthoughtful to others and It’s totally mcfuckery wen Colin uses everyone and thinks it’s ok to just keep using a d abusing our kindness and our hospitalty and thinks it’s ok because he continues to prove to us he doesn’t change it’s total Mcfuckery
Colin’s bad behaviour is total Mcfuckery ! He continues to do wrong to us wen all we do is good things to help him .. and the wide range of ways he keeps doing us dirty is totally Mcfuckery
by Glitchbitch November 19, 2018
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