Amazing, to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly. Usually spoken by the common Bristolian (person from Bristol,England)
mazers: wow that ride was mazers
by Obeah October 22, 2008
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Usually seen trecking the Urals for Chechen Rebels, this grizzly man defines a generation of middle-aged Navajo Indians. Built with the body of a collegiate punter, facial features of rosey cheeked Brawny Man, and the charisma of a corrupt politician; Mazer will leave his image burned deep within your daughter's sexual fantasies. Legend has it that Mazer (ironically) wielded both a sickle and hammer in order to take down the Iron Curtain. Each year Mazer hides 13 lead wrappers in his world renown white chocolate for his own personal enjoyment. There will never be another Mazer like him.
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Superwoman... getting her groove on with Mazer?
by An innocent bystander January 05, 2006
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An individual that makes mead.
I’ve spent years as a Mazer weaving the perfect mead recipe. Hopefully this year I’ll win a Mazer Cup!
by Mead Weaver October 23, 2020
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When a person shows up to a party completely plastered to a party or gathering and makes a spectical of themselves. This person then becomes the object of attention and a source of entertainment. This is especially applies to in-school settings, such as a lunchroom or studyhall.
"HOLY SHIT I HAVE WEED IN MY PURSE!" screamed Eliza as she lay on a sofa at a huge party throwing up chunks of vomit.

"Jesus Christ, she's pulling a Lazer Mazer again." said Kenny
by Rashiqua Kornerson August 01, 2009
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When a person shows up to a party or gathering completely plastered and makes a huge spectacle. This person then becomes an object of attention and a source of entertainment. This is also applies to in-school settings such as a lunchroom or study hall. Often, the person who executes the “lazer mazer” is in complete denial of their drunken state. In rare cases this denial escalates to claims that they are “straight edge.”
"I'M STRAIGHT EDGE! I'M STRAIGHT EDGE!" screamed Eliza, just before she threw up on the lawn.

"O god she's pulling a lazer mazer again" exclaimed a partygoer
by Kenny Joshkeith August 03, 2009
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A person who is a complete pussy. Afraid to punch someone in the face but blooms very well. He loves to show PDA with Kelsey. He also wishes he played on PDA. "I hurt my hip flexer"
Oh I'm such a Jason Mazer with my broken hip flexer
by dasdaf March 31, 2016
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