Doing math homework or writing a math portfolio (especially for IB) that is so EXCITING that you feel sexually stimulated in the process and have an orgasm once you're done.
Alan: Sorry man, I can't go see "I Am Legend" with you guys tonight because of this stupid IB HL Math Portfolio on the Koch Snowflake that I have to write...

Barzeen: Don't even bullshit me, Alan, I know you're just gonna jack off all night anyway.

Alan: Well, you're kinda right. I'm gonna mathturbate.
by aredotwice December 16, 2007
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(n.) The act of deriving equations just for the sake of deriving them, at no apparent gain to the student.
In verb form, to mathturbate is to perform such menial mathematical labor.
mathturbatory: characterized by excessive mathturbation
"The professor spent three hours deriving the equation on the board because he thought it would help us understand the concept better; really, however, he just confused us with his senseless mathturbation."

"The homework problem required hours of mathturbation, with the end result being a simple identity that appears in the index of every text."
by D. S. A. September 10, 2007
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Thinking about Math at an irrelevant time. Most often done first thing in the morning, late at night, or occasionally while on the toilet.
Carter was mathturbating in the shower early in the morning.

When Hannah was in History, she was so bored that she used mathturbation to relieve her stress.

After another lonely night, Justin mathturbated before going to sleep and was able to escape into a world of reals and dreams.
by Mathturbator34 October 24, 2012
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The math you do as a republican to make yourself feel better.
Mathturbation: What Megyn Kelly told Karl Rove when Fox News Called the race for Obama. (see youtube video "Math you do as a republican")

"Dude, did you see Karl Rove last night totally Mathturbate himself last night with his white board right before President Obama was re-elected."

"Yeah, He was really going at it with his magical white board"
by FactsMatter(except FAUX NEWS) November 15, 2012
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What pseudoscientists, cranks and charlatans use to "prove" their self-indulgent theories.
The nutjob used mathturbation to show that the Bible contains an encrypted message warning of the September 11th attacks.
by AbnormalBoy December 3, 2004
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Masturbating to some math, ie, Algrbra, Trigonometry, calculous, ect. Ususally for nerds, or when you cum while doing a complex math problem
John preformed mathturbation during his math final today
by NeRdYmAn0880 July 3, 2007
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