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A common question used to answer the phone in Bakersfield, CA. It origination is uknown, however some speculate that it is traced to the Qatarian ancestors of the Janish tribe in Elk Hills. This saying was featured in the independent film, "Uncle Anna's Vagana".
by Liz Barrick October 19, 2007
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by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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A word used to describe a widower who enjoys the company of teenagers.
Mate. Why you talking to him? He's a proper mather.
by Bobataoldotcom February 02, 2019
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(n.) A man who sleeps with a lot of women, i.e. gets a lot of pussy/beaver.
Named after Jerry Mathers, who played the lovable Beaver from 1957-63 on the hit show "Leave it to Beaver".
That Bill has a different chick every night. He's a real mathers!
by HelenHar January 26, 2007
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I am a mother and a father to my daughter. I celebrate both holidays and on the actual "Fathers" day we celebrate Mathers Day!
Happy Mathers Day to all you true and single parents!
by Kblake June 16, 2017
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Another word to describe an alcoholic who enjoys getting drunk on weekdays and beating their kids.
Boy:Did you hear about the guy at the pub?
Girl: I heard he got completely mathered!
by mather66 July 21, 2011
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an idiot, twat, moron, jerk
your really a mathers aren't you?
by wysiwyg March 25, 2004
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