A boy named Johnny who is a very horny little boy who needs to grow up.
Johnny is a peice of shit for only caring about sexual needs in relationships
by Youra dil do January 30, 2019
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usually an fat huge un-married woman who has tons of kids just to stay on welfare and to reap the rewards that us tax payers and handing out.
my neighbor is such welfare peice of shit
by SeverusSnape November 18, 2008
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a lazy person that lives like a slob, wont work for any thing and accepts anything for free. Normally you can point one out or smell it from 10 ft away
you didnt feed ur baby to feed your addiction you peice of shit
by flcracker88 December 6, 2015
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Peice of Shit Factory - noun - a place managed by Andrew T.

He is the sole owner/proprietor/operator/CEO/CFO/creator of the factory. There is no one else above him. He owns the factory and is the main integral part of it.
Hey, who runs that factory of there? Isn't that the Peice of Shit Factory?

Yeah, actually that guy Andrew owns it. He basically lives there and collects cheques from WCB for his back.
by I don't run the factory September 4, 2019
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Someone who is so ugly, short and annoying that his/her meer presence revolts you to the piont of regurgitation
Me: "Tom, your annoying as! i cant even look at you anymore, it looks like you were beeten nearly to death with the ugly stick, wow you realy are a little ugly peice of shit!
by Broddsta November 12, 2006
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