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He is intelligent and creative. He is a born leader .Peniel is a man of honor, who frowns at dumness and foolishness . Peniel tends to be also good with people especially the ladies because of his good looks and charms. Peniels are also royal and are either called King or De Lyon (the king of the jungle)
I wish I was Peniel, I would have been the king of the word
by King lyon August 26, 2017
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Peniel is usually an African American woman who's bright and bubbly and which the name comes from where Jesus met Jacob,peniel has a strong character and is very beautiful the name is for a person who is loving caring and attractive you'd be lucky if you come across a peniel in your life
This girl is so nice as a peniel
by Undercoveranger360 July 08, 2017
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A Peniel is someone who is totally useless. And like to be a prick, even if something is getting proved to 100% she still doubt on it. In my life I know a lot of people which are called Peniel and the most of them are changing their names, because of the bullying and the mental disses which they earn from it. It's kind of sad to be called a Peniel but there are no other proves for a Peniel that they are useful. Peniels don't need anything in life except of Lemon-Water, because they think that if the water taste like nothing that it is full with toxic, which are making them fat. They believe that we are in a matrix and that they can see the codes which are around us. So if you need someone to hold the door for you or maybe for just being around you, trust me they will even fail that.
Girl: Mom I hate you and your only child
Mom: so you hate yourself?
Girl: Damn she clever, never mind

Mom whispers: such a Peniel
by TheNeutralMutal March 19, 2017
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