someone who has a lot of spare time on their hands, who masterbates more than 7 times a day!
steph: he had a patient who was a chronic masterbater and he jacked off more than 7 times a day
luke: oh really ..
by heyboo January 15, 2009
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A man or women who would be doing completely un-sexual thing such eating out at burger king and then in three seconds they'll drop their droors and start beatin their meat. Usually scaring everyone away, and in some cases end up arousing some perve.
"I wath eatin me a whopper, when out of thee blue the COMPULSIVE MASTERBATER dropped his drowerth and thtarted beatin hith meet and jizzed in mee fries!!!"
by thee definer;) March 5, 2014
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This one is especially for gaymers, it is when you stick your controller up your ass and then you turn on vibrate
Danny: I definately a gamer masterbater
Steve: Yeah me too
by genghis September 13, 2016
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he who masturbates in a more majestic fashion than the rest of them. he is a king of masturbation and all the masterbaters ever existed... from 10 b.c he had the crown.
simone: the masterbater king ain't dead yet and he's like 100 years old
by 4 niggas blazed up July 14, 2011
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Used when saying goodbye to your hooker friend that plays with themselves constantly. It is used in place of the phrase "later gator" or "afterwhile crocodile."
Hooker: I'm tired of this conversation. I'm going to bed.

You: You mean you're gonna jerk off and cry yourself to sleep?


You: Later masterbater.
by It's Bailey Bitch!!! May 3, 2010
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Someone so emo they cut themselves while masterbating and use the blood as lube.
Dudes totally an emo masterbater
by svensterama December 3, 2014
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When your irrational fan base immediately masturbate when they hear your name. Even after your failed career.
Chad heard the name Jimmer in the produce section, now those apples have a protein glaze and he is know as "the lonely masterbater."
by Bman88 April 8, 2019
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