4 definitions by It's Bailey Bitch!!!

Used when saying goodbye to your hooker friend that plays with themselves constantly. It is used in place of the phrase "later gator" or "afterwhile crocodile."
Hooker: I'm tired of this conversation. I'm going to bed.

You: You mean you're gonna jerk off and cry yourself to sleep?


You: Later masterbater.
by It's Bailey Bitch!!! May 3, 2010
Used when something bad happens to you like if the pop machine runs out of your favorite soda or when you're car won't start. Meant to convey your unhapiness about what has just happened and to blame whoever is responsible.
Friend 1: Hey, did you know that walmart doesn't carry that organic body wash you always use?

by It's Bailey Bitch!!! May 3, 2010
When people bail on Bailey. This happens at least once a week because Bailey is too nice and doesn't stop hanging out with flakey people. lol
Person 1: Hey how was last night Bailey?

Bailey: Boring. Everyone bailed on me so I just stayed home and watched tv.

Person: Damn Bail Out. Your friends suck.

Bailey: Yeah, yeah I know.
by It's Bailey Bitch!!! February 3, 2010
When you do the Captain Morgan Stance at random times and in random places usually for pictures.
Kristin: Hey Bailey look an old wooden boat here by the Dredge in Sumpter, ID.
Bailey: I'm going to Captain Morgan That Shit!!!!
by It's Bailey Bitch!!! January 19, 2009