a person who masterbates in a graveyard.
The only kind of people out at this time of the night are boneyard masterbaters.
by blake allen June 25, 2008
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A man who masterbates in a graveyard because he thinks the tombstones look sexy.
I would rather be a man-whore than a boneyard masterbater!
by blake allen June 24, 2008
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"wheres zak?"
"i dont know... think hes coat hangin in the closet?"
by ashley November 13, 2004
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A man that farts while laying in bed and sniffs his own fart doing the dutch oven,gets so turned on by the smell of his fart,he has to Masterbate.
William harris jr,will take a Dutch Oven Masterbater over a woman anyday!
by williampoop23 November 11, 2008
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Somebody who takes advantage of every opportunity to masterbate
I am a every opportunity masterbater
by Keokuk Queen January 7, 2021
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1. Someone whose Myers-Brigg personality type is a combination of INTJ (The Mastermind) and ENTP (The Debater)

2. Someone who always seek discussions and arguments, and focuses more on "winning" the discussion, rather than finding a consensus.
1. Oh, I scored INTJ on one test, and ENTP on another... I guess I am a masterbater

2. Have you noticed Jim getting into arguments with people all the time? It seems like he is becoming a true Masterbater.
by Qwelp August 31, 2019
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To not Jack off to be harder at work!!
I have been working alot harder lately now that i am masterbatical!!!
by Dieseltime March 2, 2018
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