a tribe of native africans, living mostly in kenya and tanzania. they participate in many cultural activities, such as dieing their hair red with mud, draping red sheet-like things over their bodies for clothes, drinking cows blood, and stretching their ears. most of their jewlery is intricate beadwork. and cattle are of high importance to them, as they signify wealth. the masias started the now common trend of flesh tunnels. they're also usually very tall. and live in close communities, sleeping in mud huts.
ignorant american: what the fuck is that black dude in the sheet doing to that cow?!
informed bystander: that's a masai, and whatever he is doing is part of his culture, so dont be bitchin'.
by hi im heather January 10, 2004
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Amazing, is the moment, lit, funny, movie
Masai so like.. Masai
by urmomismybuddyholly March 7, 2022
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Walking, training shoes and boots based on the walking style of the Masai tribes of Africa.
Masai Barefoot Technology. Often associated with forehead carpet burns, damaged Christmas trees, broken CD storage units and in excess of 3 litres of cider.
by John Thurling May 21, 2008
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Multiple female masseuses
I don’t think a masseuse can hit all the areas I need, I’m pretty sure I need to hire Masai to massage all of my areas at once.
by Eliza Nor December 28, 2021
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Tdot/Toronto slang for Robbing people

Stealing through trades
by Ohhhreally August 29, 2017
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