a british word meaning an old school teacher, usually a bespectacled virgin. somewhat old and stingy. fond of floral print granny panties.
Dude, that old school marm totally came onto me. She was all "I have a ruler, and I know how to use it." But I said "No thanks MARM," and left it at that.
by Randy May 18, 2004
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it is the abbreviation for the words "my arm" in order to save time while talking
hey sal , marm hurts
by mojiece April 3, 2011
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the act of squirting someone with milk from a lactating breast.
Sonya's got huge tits 'cause she's still nursing. She marmed me from five feet away! Those things are ridiculous!
by Fluugeweiner March 11, 2011
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and in cereberal harm.
by Tricia Truthan August 23, 2003
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Strange and unique creatures recognised by their American and down-syndrome like facial features, or visible male camel toe, who are intent on grinding against young and defenceless girls usually under the influence of alcohol.
Marmes' during non-grinding hours take the form of middle aged adult males that enjoy hosting barbeques for colleagues and watering plants within their garden. A disguise which fools many young women into believing Marmes' are caring creatures.
Tarin, another victim of a marmes
by sweatyscrotum665 May 9, 2009
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The greatest World of Warcraft (WoW) player of all time in terms of PvP. He dominated every class and spec on whatever expansion he played. He won every tournament which he was a part of as any comp. Basically the greatest player on any class or spec, especially in WoTLK. He's originally the son of Arab immigrants who lived in Finland.
Modern day players on Blackrock trash talk marm because they're obviously player hating, anyone who knows the game knows that no one even comes close to Marm's knowledge and mechanics of the game. Marm quit the game because he had a full scholarship to a top notch university in the United States in California, so of course people will trash talk him now but back then everyone queue dodged in every bracket while Marm was queuing.
Man, that guy is such a wannabe Marm because he tries to play RMP yet he can't even beat anyone.
by AT-X October 8, 2019
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The distinct sound most miniature poodles make. A croaking sort of sound, almost as if they are literally saying the word "marm." When they make this sound, it means they are very happy and content. Also known as the poodle version of purring.
A: "What's that sound your poodle is making?"
B: "Oh, she's just marming. It means she's happy."
by Chips0108 November 3, 2010
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