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A verb:
1. to hit on a much younger girl
2. to hook up with a very dirty female
3. to smoke way too hookah and/or weed
4. To drink and to become beligerant and make everyone around you say "why do we hang out with this person"
5. to piss in a fridge
6. to get forget your entire night
7. to lie about a sex tape

8. to get your back ripped up by a hairy persian bear
9. to get uberslapped by a clean girl
10. to hookup with everyone of an ex's friends
Kid 1: Dude you where hammered last night
Kid 2: i know, i think i markled
Kid 1: check your back to make sure
Kid 2: shit its torn up, damn persians
by friend #1 May 05, 2009
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A flatus with a distinctive fragrance originating from an unsanitary female. Can also be used to describe any girl with bad gas. A markle can often be associated with a shart.
There's something wrong with that girl, I think she markled her pants.
by frogorgy November 10, 2011
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A small town in Indiana home to imbreds hillbillies and white trash. A sinkhole for any human with potential, being drug down by the hopeless around him. A town that leaches off of Huntington, Indiana. . . the only town in Indiana more bottom of the earth than Markle.
(Two people in a car on Interstate 69)

Person 1: Oh look, that water tower is so cute, it's even got a smiley face!

Person 2: Hit the gas! Speed up, that's Markle!

Person 1: Oh shit! I don't wanna get sucked in!
by Jason Clevenger March 27, 2009
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