When you don’t have ky jelly so you substitute sage oil and jerk off driving down the road.
I couldn’t jerk off in my room so I got in the car and did the mark sage.
by Kw69420 April 10, 2022
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Scale invented after infamously known League of Legends game balancer Mark Yetter chose to change the ranking system of the game and as a result the higher elos of Solo Queue became infested with rats that got inflated as a result of his changes, players later came to call this change of events "The Mark Yetter Scale" as a way to calculate the ranks of new friends in high elo.
Holy fuck, did you see that last season diamond 4 stuck improve on The Mark Yetter Scale?
by bob1337d4 July 29, 2021
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the clear red mark on a womans hand which tells u how heavy her shopping bags of clothes are, v redder the hands the more clothes she has bought, also works with handbags, shoes etc
my gf had a clear wag mark on her hands when she got home so i know how much clothes she's bought
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) September 15, 2009
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When someone twerks against a wall with enoughbforce to both rub the paint off while simultaneously embedding the fabric color into the wall
Damn, what happened to your wall?

Man, Big Frita was so drunk last night that when he new Mr. Ghetto song played, she left twerk marks on my bedroom wall!
by Dah Baussss March 4, 2014
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Usually a dirt bag , never shower , eats all your food , give him an inch he takes a mile ,typically doesn’t like to pay rent , has no drive , but is really skilled at getting jobs without resumes because shitty marks are generally normal , healthy looking people who employers will hire on the spot !
Where are my avocados ?!

Shitty Mark ate them ! Missing toilet paper ? He probably ate that too !
by Shitty mark March 27, 2020
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A new definition I made that I want to popularize: When a football / soccer player scores ten goals in a match it should be called X Marks The Spot
Recently a soccer female player scored ten goals for England

Vivianette: That's an X Marks The Spot
by JDR_96 April 9, 2022
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