Skin mark fart is a Fortnite kid that is ass at Fortnite and is tall like a giraffe and he takes heroin
Skin mark fart needs to touch grass
by purpleguyvrr March 24, 2022
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After male and or female have unprotected sex anally. While wearing underwear leaves traces of sperm and fecal materials in the underwear.
I love washing Johns underwear; he gets the nicest kid marks.
by DADDYFURR October 5, 2021
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(Noun) A person that gets suspended for having 18 bottles of liquor in their car at school.
Person 1: I have beer in my trunk
Person 2: Dont let Peggy know, or you'll be a K-marks
by KarynM May 27, 2009
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Usually a dirt bag , never shower , eats all your food , give him an inch he takes a mile ,typically doesn’t like to pay rent , has no drive , but is really skilled at getting jobs without resumes because shitty marks are generally normal , healthy looking people who employers will hire on the spot !
Where are my avocados ?!

Shitty Mark ate them ! Missing toilet paper ? He probably ate that too !
by Shitty mark March 27, 2020
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The pigion, the cosy, the fool you're looking to fleece
"always hit where the mark isn't looking"
by 04AR January 15, 2022
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When you don’t have ky jelly so you substitute sage oil and jerk off driving down the road.
I couldn’t jerk off in my room so I got in the car and did the mark sage.
by Kw69420 April 10, 2022
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Scale invented after infamously known League of Legends game balancer Mark Yetter chose to change the ranking system of the game and as a result the higher elos of Solo Queue became infested with rats that got inflated as a result of his changes, players later came to call this change of events "The Mark Yetter Scale" as a way to calculate the ranks of new friends in high elo.
Holy fuck, did you see that last season diamond 4 stuck improve on The Mark Yetter Scale?
by bob1337d4 July 29, 2021
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