3 definitions by totally not RWAE

a talented boy with the most beautiful voice and the cutest freckles.
person 1: don't you cry, will you smile...
person 2: yep, that's minhee's legendary line!
by totally not RWAE August 9, 2019
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the main rapper of nct, and in some cases also the leader, youngest member, and vocalist. he's young, and yet he's accomplished more than you ever will. a truely talented god.
mark lee is the love of my life.
by totally not RWAE November 21, 2017
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up10tion and x1's resident bully, kim wooseok. he may have the face of an angel, but he's pure evil. would probably sell his group members for chicken feet.
be careful around woosatan or he might drop a pan on your head.
by totally not RWAE September 2, 2019
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