Kickin it' or waiting to do something.
Yo, I will be maranatin until you call me back.
by Noah February 28, 2005
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Sitting back and thinking. Letting thoughts marinate in your mind.
I need to come up with my car payment in two days or the repoman is going to jack my whip. Now, i'm sitting back marinatin on how to come up with the scratch.
by leeswift December 6, 2008
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wen u go for a walk or a sk8 or somethin with your freinds
wat r u doin here? " we b marinatin
by shayne August 1, 2004
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To chill; hanging out; relaxing; kicking back, sitting around
"what's your plans for the day."
"Not much on the agenda. I'll just be marinatin at the house, really."
by Lauleneke Lukini Brown March 17, 2022
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Relaxing at home, possibly drinking alcohol
Guy 1 on the phone: "What goin on homie"
Guy 2 answers: "Chillin', just marinatin' in the cut.
by Bobby Bustle July 11, 2008
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Having diarrhea so bad it seems as though the fecal matter will permanently stain the porcelain toilet.
I ate a bunch of bad food yesterday and was up all night marinatin' the porcelain
by Asmeister December 23, 2010
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