-Nick: "Hayyyyyyyy, let's go get some margs!!!1!"

by dddsasa April 14, 2017
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A synonym of mum, especially applicable to marge simpson type mothers
My marge is making dinner tonight, I can't come out.
by kernkraft88 September 27, 2007
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When you feel like a marge. Usually meaning you are "having a marge day". Essentially, vegetating on the couch, eating a lot of food, and looking like a slob.
Lets have a marge day. What are you doing today? Marging out.

Marging out is similar to how you feel after a day/night of drinking.
by Wilsonamicano April 14, 2016
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A Chicago variation of the terms "mug" and "mark." Essentially it is a word that can be used like the pronouns "dude" or "cat," and almost always in the third person. Not as negatively connotated and indicitive of victimization as "mark."
-"I was on the Garfield stop platform when this smelly-ass faggot marg came up to me asking if he could get dollar."
-Somebody says something stupid and somebody else responds, "thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis marg..."
by Nebbish March 29, 2005
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A shirt somewhere between a medium and a large in size. The next level up from Smedium - which is somewhere between a small and a medium.
“This large shirt fits baggy as shit, but the medium fits like a baby’s workout shirt. Why is life like this?”

“Try a Marge bro”
by Peru2019 June 7, 2019
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Monicker for Chinese males who own ability of leadership but shrewd.
- 'Hey did you see that? Marg rewrited his paper sneakily and attempts to get a higher grade!'
by King_Retard November 22, 2018
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Name of Actress Marg Helgenberger. Her full name is Mary Marg Helgenberger. Her credits include KC on China beach, Dr. Laura Baker in Species I & II, Emma Brooks in Mr. Brooks, Donna Jensen in Erin Brockovitch, Ann Foreman in In Good Company and her most famous as Catherine Willows in CSI
Marg Helgenberger is a fantastic actress
by CathWillows10 February 21, 2009
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