The sun god that lives inside me. Marduk: Son of Ea. Slayer of Tiamat. Marduk totally rules.
He totally does.
by Stick May 24, 2004
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a verb, to marduk someone is to break their face. originates from craig marduk of tekken's opening for fights in which he says "I'll break your face!"
"dawg if he doesnt leave me alone, ima go all marduk up on that ho"
by mellishkimo7 April 23, 2009
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1. A popular black/ death metal band.
2. The mythical sun god of the babylonians.
3. A God from the Necronomicon (Lovecraft.)
1. "Marduk's 'Sex with Satan' RULEZ!!!"
2. "Marduk was routinely worshipped."
3. "Marduk slayed the dragon, and parted him in two, and formed the Earth and sky."
by Tom Warwick October 4, 2007
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Does not know when to shut up, mostly acts like an idiot, very outgoing, will do anything if someone asks no matter how stupid it is and sensitive about his own work. When he likes a girl he will sometimes come on too strong and scare her away. But he always makes an awesome friend. Can not keep a secret but everyone always tells him everything anyway.
Girl 1) do you see what marduke just did

Girl 2) ya I saw he was acting like an idiot.
by Luckypickle March 12, 2016
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