The day when extreme smartness, happiness and savageness is born
People born on this day have a heart as sweet as honey...never let others down
But totally dispise dishonesty
Eg: if she is born on March 23rd , then she definitely must be smart

Eg: His dress sense is so good! He definitely must be a march baby
by I$ October 16, 2019
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national tell your friends what you really think of them!
i dare you!
jessica youre a fake ass toxic bitch and i hate you
why are you so mean?
its march 23rd its time for me to tell you the truth, bye bye.
by Unicornyassss March 20, 2020
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The day where all the rejects are born, and nobody wishes they ever survived the 25 week mark.
"see that bitch over there? She's such a degenerate!"
"yeah, she must be a march 23rd"
by Quaildro October 16, 2019
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On March 23rd we remember those who fell to the Ligma crisis.
by Ivan Jergenov October 16, 2019
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GIRL YOU HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS RENJUN YOU LUCKY LUCKY. It’s also probably the only thing special about you too. Be grateful, you’re twins with the bestest boy.
You’re Birthday is March 23rd? Damn,you’re twins with Renjun!

created by: @ dreamingren on twitter
by dreamingren October 19, 2019
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The day where the crack heads are born. The ones that your mom warned you about. The craziest one at parties. The one to hooks up with their friends then regrets it. And a dumb bitch indeed
OMG, it’s March 23rd you know we getting lit today.
by Miki October 17, 2019
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The date where white people bow down to People Of Colour and apologise for being white.
Person Of Colour: Hey, it’s March 23rd.
White person: Sorry for being white. *bows down*
by milflover739 March 22, 2021
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