Marblehead is a very small, wealthy town where 16 year olds drive BMW's. Since there's nothing to do people tend to get stoned & drunk all the time. Basically if you're enrolled in the public school system & you don't drink & wear designer jeans people will probably look down on you. What a pleasent town. I wonder why the seniors want to get out so badly.
Marblehead celebrates diversity....
in Lynn.
by izthatso000 March 21, 2006
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marblehead is a beautiful, historical town in massachusetts. It is directly on the water and is a big boating comunity. People are very friendly and tend to be well off. The schools are very good. marblehead celebrates creativity and is a very artistic place. borders swampscott and salem. Marblehead is home to some of the first colonists. People there are very good looking and athletic. Crime rate is low.
John: honey where should we move?
Jane: how about Marblehead? it will be a great place to raise our kids
by urbangurlie February 12, 2012
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very rich, seaside town. Lots of pretty people. REALLYBORING
the OC of the east coast is marblehead
by asdf asdf November 1, 2005
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Marblehead is a very rich preppy town where they eat caviar, drink don P, and smoke a bunch of really dank tree. Typical summer day includes going to one of the many yacht clubs and hoppin on someones boat with an assortment of fine liquor and heady buds and get lit and tan. At night you and an assortment of girls get silly drunk and hop into random people's pools, ie pool hopping. Life styles of the rich
When going golfing with kids from Marblehead, they fill their golfbags with beers. Marbleheaders know how to enjoy life.
by sam samosn April 17, 2007
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Marblehead, is a rich bictchy town. There is a ton of drugs because everybody is so rich they get anything they wont. I still loovee marblehead for that. GO MARBLEHEAD
FUCK SWAMPSCOOT BITCHES ur just jealous that marblehead is cooler then you.
marblehead has sick ass partys on the neck:swampscoot has no neck swampyy is gay with gay parties
by akpdsjpfvdxaef April 2, 2006
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Marblehead, a pussy ass town filled with bitches that think they are better than swampscott but really they lose to swampscott in every fucking sport because all they do is skateboard n grow their stupid nasty ass hair out long. The kids look like fucking greasers!!! FUCK MARBLEHEAD!!!
Ex1. parker c biggest bitch in town. he plays baseball for swampscott cuz marblehead baseball programs arent good enough for the greasy header.
by eric fader April 21, 2005
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a town where everyone is bitches and need to go fuck themselves and everyon spreads rumors anyone who is moving here is making a big fucking mistake. this town sucks everyone gets stoned and fucks and are annoying a hell. Everyone in marblehead are yuppies and think they are the shit. Its the worst place in the world.All the girls are bitches, every single one especially the ones who think they are "popular" FUCK YOU MARBLEHEAD!!!!
A bad town is marblehead
by prettygurl111 November 11, 2010
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