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maeve is an artistic, creative, beautiful girl. gets what she wants. every guy loves her. she has tons of friends and adores music. she suceeds at everything she does and is extremly talented.
guy 1: ugh i hate jack
guy 2: why? he's so cool
guy 1: cuz he gets to date maeve and i don't
by urbangurlie February 12, 2012
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marblehead is a beautiful, historical town in massachusetts. It is directly on the water and is a big boating comunity. People are very friendly and tend to be well off. The schools are very good. marblehead celebrates creativity and is a very artistic place. borders swampscott and salem. Marblehead is home to some of the first colonists. People there are very good looking and athletic. Crime rate is low.
John: honey where should we move?
Jane: how about Marblehead? it will be a great place to raise our kids
by urbangurlie February 12, 2012
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