the CRUNKEST ghetto-est place on earth yo
you kno dey big ballas in mannheim or mannheim is fuckin ghetto as hell young
by YA GUH 4 SHO March 22, 2005
A shady, underworld organization started by American military members in Europe. So named for the possibility of ending up in Mannheim, the main military prison in Germany, run by the US Army.
Don't fuck with that guy, I hear he is Mannheim Mafia
by el jefe June 11, 2004
The instrumental development in a song or piece of music. Most commonly at the start, instruments will slowly be introduced the more the song/piece goes on.

First pioneered by the composers of the Mannheim orchestra some time in the late 19th century the musical discovery has been used a lot in pop, rock, classical and other music genres.
"The song starts with a Mannheim development and then gets into the main melody."
by ScissorCut April 18, 2020
sexual position in which she is listening to Mannheim Steamroller on her iPod while you shit in her mouth
Man, I thought it couldn't get hotter in there, but then she let me Mannheim Steamer, and I was like, wow!
by eddiefiv May 15, 2013
Originating in America, a Mannheim Steamroller is a sexual act that presents itself as having German roots. This act can be between a man and a woman or, in some cases, two men. The receiving partner first defecates while neglecting to wipe. After that, the man initiates anal sex, using the fresh poo as lubrication. As the grand finale approaches, the man pulls out and "rolls" his member on the upper lip region, leaving a streak of poo and semen, slightly resembling Hitler's mustache.
Man: during the holiday season, I love to give my girlfriend the gift of Mannheim Steamroller.

Friend: you mean that lame musical group?!?

Man: hell no! I mean THE Mannheim Steamroller - the single greatest sexual act in the whole wide world!
by ColfaxSteamer December 20, 2009
the act of pooping on ones chest while playing an, electric organ or piano, or any synthesized instruments, while rolling the feces up and down on the said ones chest.
person 1 "why do I hear mannheim steamroller's christmas special playing upstairs?"

person 2 "Oh, thats just Craig, he likes giving mannheim steamers to people for the holidays"
by malparida November 29, 2010
Similar to the Stairway to Heaven, but instead of rusty trombones up and down the staircase, it is a daisy-chain of people doing Cleveland Steamers on each other. Extra points if you can work the staircase in sequence.
It was so intense last night, there was a Mannheim Steamroller up and down the staircase!
by oso31 December 6, 2006