Cool beach town that most people never heard of. Know for surfing, boozin, beachin, and blazin it up. Locals just call it “squan
“Let’s go to manasquan and hang out at the inlet tonight”
by Slatercam April 23, 2020
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Straight scum. A rich beach town who thinks they're better than everyone else. They act tough, but only when it's good for them. When it's not nobody shows up. They think they are the best and nobody else has any class even though they start everything.
Situation a: manasquan fan a: let's go to the game
Fan b: ok they well middlesex

Situation b: fan a: let's go to the game
Fan b: he'll no nobody is going they play camden
by Anonymous4e March 12, 2009
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Otherwise known as Marijuanasaquan, every student that has graduated from Manasquan High School has either smoked weed or breathed it in second hand. The students here know what a real white Christmas is all about. Most of the kids have money to spend, but it is all spent on drugs, alcohol, or surfboards. Everything in this town is focused on the summer, hence the apathy for school. There is at least one arrest over the weekend that is going around Monday morning. This is not because the students are any worse than any other school, but simply because you cannot drive more than one block without seeing a cop. The school does look presentable from the outside, well kept, and well educated, but there is a list of students that are not allowed to leave the classroom, in fear of drug usage in the bathrooms. You may have hated it while you were there, but once you graduate you know there was no better time.
Manasquan High School is a sending disctrict highschool to 7 towns, Manasquan, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Brielle, Belmar, Sea Girt, and Avon.
by MHS graduate December 07, 2006
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A kick ass place located in Manasquan, NJ. The kids here are so cool because they all grew up in 6 small beach towns and are realy laid back; plus mostly everyone is filthy rich. Everyone knows that life is about drinking lots of alcohol, smoking pot, partying 24/7, surfing all day long in summer then going to a concert, and snowboarding in the winter. The girls are so damn hot with their own beach style.(Jeans tank top and flip flops, long straight hair) boys are also know as good looking surfer kids. Football games are a must: Go Blue and Grey! No other high school in New Jersey can top it.
Hey man wanna go smoke a blunt and see the hot cheerleaders at the game at Manasquan High School?
by marcia califano December 08, 2007
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