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a bunch of practically naked guys in a hot tub together.
lets go to the hot tub and make some man soup
by xxBACKOFFxx November 11, 2007
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A soup that has so much meat in it you could put your eye out. Contains copious amounts of tube steak which is very high in protein. Mansoup is also known to cause pregnancy.
My girlfriend ate so much mansoup she got pregnant and had twins that resembled Chuck Norris.
by Ima P Ness April 25, 2010
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Everybody whose ANYBODY knows what mansoup is. If you are in fact, one of the people that does not know, let me explain.

Mansoup, noun.
A hot tub filled with naked men. And, like, hot water of course.

It has been said (and confirmed by a Mr. Brendon Urie) that mansoup is used as a sort of initiation into the Fueled by Ramen family. Pete Wentz held a mansoup party at his home with the members (no pun intended) of Panic! at the Disco.

Oh how the fangirls squealed.
Oh God, how hot would a mansoup with Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross and Johnny Depp be?
by Izbit May 16, 2010
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the disgusting odor built up in a vehicle by dudes on a road trip
hose out the van, we need to get rid of this man soup
by brettmillious September 25, 2005
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To mansoup you will need: yourself, atleast one other man and a hot tub. You and the other man must ejaculate into the hot tub and then swim around in it to make sure it mixes in well
Me and billy had a mansoup
billy had a small willy
by bezoo November 27, 2007
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