Semen. Usually considered fairly vulgar.
Before moving out, Carl heaved a bolt of man mayonnaise onto the pillow of his hated room-mate.
by Scary Mike June 10, 2004
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1) A man's personal supply of pleasure-inducing sandwich topping

2) A not-so-very-subtle euphemism for cum.
Craig: "So Bill, what's a big giant fag like you like to have for lunch?"
Bill: "Well, I usually have a big dick sandwich dripping with man mayonnaise."
by TehMonny April 9, 2007
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(noun) During gay sex, one male finishes on the other male as much as possible. After completion it is time to celebrate.

Make a sandwich for yourself while your partner is covered and sticky in bed. Then dunk your sandwich on your covered partner before every bite.
Wow Matt, you are the man! The Mayonnaise Man that is!
by The Maynaisse Man May 25, 2010
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(Noun) a generically attractive white man in either fiction or reality.

Ex. All of the Hollywood Chrises, Cullen Rutherford, Leon Kennedy, any male love interest in a ya novel.
“Who should we cast as the male lead in our new Summer Blockbuster?”
“I dunno, some Mayonnaise Man”
by NOT Haylee December 17, 2017
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