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Slightly salty gentleman's relish produced from warm curdled clam juice. Often used as a skin cleanser, hair tonic or for decorative purposes (necklace, nose, chin, ear, inner-thigh, armpit, between the toes and other less accessible parts of the anatomy)
"Open wide!" moaned Dennis. And with that, he shot his man jam right down my throat.

- From the Autobiography Of Baroness Margaret Thatcher
by Buster Gonad March 20, 2005
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A homemade high-protein preserve traditionally distilled in two spherical receptacles. Best served in a series of short sharp jets over a pair of perfectly proportioned buns or baps.
Girl: "Eric, my fingers keep brushing against something hard in the popcorn. Is anything in there?"
Eric, popcorn bucket on his lap: "No, I don't think so. Here grab another handful."
five minutes later
Girl:"Eric, why does the popcorn suddenly taste like manjam?"
Eric:"Er..don't know. Probably I really haven't a clue. Couldn't give ya one good reason, i'm afraid. Nope. Er, hang on, maybe...ah no...nope...I can't think why at all. Sorry. No idea."
by cheddarfloor April 21, 2005
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Slang for semen, sperm, cum, jizz, et al.
She wore my manjam home like a Gold Medal after I gave her the mother of all pearl necklaces last night!
by The Drizzle January 25, 2005
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White viscous fluid ejected from a mans penis during ejaculation. Ejaculate. Sperm.
see also: "baby gravy", "man paste", "man custard", "cock paste", "cum", "jizz", "root juice", "seed", "semen", "sperm", "spunk", or "splooge
Eric is such a whore, he cannot get enough man jam in his ass.


I drilled Chris long and hard and finally filled her pussy with my man jam.
by Monkey Boy February 19, 2004
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4) I can smell the manjam on sp0rk's breath from a miles away!
by xul8tr April 09, 2003
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