11 definitions by Sam .f

A rasterfarian man of jamacan oriogin who particularly likes smoking marajuana while listening 2 Bob Marley
Rass man dis weed is Harsh stik on dat Bob Marly Lp
by Sam .f June 1, 2003
a amn who has a motor powered sandwich
wot i wrote in mt R.E essay
by Sam .f June 1, 2003
a cigar which is made from tobacco and marajuana, soaked in malt whisky and then dried to be smoked
if u want a cigar with a bit more of a kickthen a B 45 is ur answer
by Sam .f June 1, 2003
to have a saw ass from eating very spicy food after consuming drugs and alchol
"man im blipped and pissd i need summit spicy" next day....
"wish i hadnt had the kebab and chili sauce"
by Sam .f June 1, 2003
an extreamly slippery turd/shit/crap
but not to the extent of dihorreah
eww that was a slippy 1
by Sam .f June 1, 2003