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Slightly salty gentleman's relish produced from warm curdled clam juice. Often used as a skin cleanser, hair tonic or for decorative purposes (necklace, nose, chin, ear, inner-thigh, armpit, between the toes and other less accessible parts of the anatomy)
"Open wide!" moaned Dennis. And with that, he shot his man jam right down my throat.

- From the Autobiography Of Baroness Margaret Thatcher
by Buster Gonad March 20, 2005
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Professional Association of Muff Divers

slogan - No Sea Too Rough, No Muff Too Tough
PADE Open water dive # 5. Let your instructor sign you up for his PAMD speciality course - freestyle, marathon event
by Buster Gonad December 20, 2008
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Polite term for dick cheese. Comes in several varieties, the worst being the dark yellow
Another boring day at work - nothing better to do than scrape smegma off my bell end

- from the Diary of Tony Blair (PM)
by Buster Gonad May 16, 2005
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