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White viscous fluid ejected from a man's penis during ejaculation. Ejaculate. Sperm.

see also: baby gravy, man paste, man custard, cock paste, cum, jizz, root juice, seed, semen, sperm, spunk, and splooge.
Eric is such a whore, he cannot get enough cock paste in his ass.
I drilled Chris long and hard and finally filled her pussy with my cock paste.
by Monkey Boy February 19, 2004
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When a couple is sleeping "spoon style" and the one in front releases some toxic fumes, then raises and lowers the sheets ever so slightly propelling the stench up between the close lying bodies "the Chimney" and entering the nostrils of the one behind.
by Monkey Boy August 4, 2004
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A term referring to an extremely arduous episode or event such as being involved in a car crash or meeting your boyfriends/girlfriends parents. Believed to be derived from gruel the watery soup provided in workhouses during Dickensian times ie "please sir can I have some more gruel?".
Geoff had an a absolute fucking grueller when his foreskin got caught in the car door!
by Monkey Boy February 4, 2005
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one cool mother fucker in all the terminators and all of his other films
lets put it this way anyone starts on him tell get knocked fuck out
by Monkey Boy February 15, 2005
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the beutifulist girl you've ever lade your eyes on shes about 5ft1 and only ways 5 stone so imagin what you could do to that hey boys but all u kiddie fidllers fuck off shes only 14
smalest fitist girl youlle ever lay your grummy eyes on
by Monkey Boy January 27, 2005
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The offspring of people(?) from isolated communities who are married to his/her/?? father/mother/brother/sister/any near relation.

See also inbred, Royal Family
We played Sheerness East today, the banjo players kicked us all over the park!
by Monkey Boy November 20, 2003
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this means to straighten out you a leg while grabbing your snow/skateboard midway through a jump.
by Monkey Boy January 13, 2004
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