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A bullet bill is a powerful bullet about the same size as mario when he is little, used by bowser to stop mario from saving the princess and rooting her.

Mario Jumps on top of these to kill them, but constantly shoot out of a cannon in attempt stop him.

One of the greatest but forgotten enemies of the Super Mario Bros. Games.
Bowser shot a bullet bill at mario just before he finished the level, the guy playing was very annoyed
by Example555 April 05, 2009
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someone in the workplace that looks at another persons computer to see what they are doing

usually when they are writing an e-mail.
Man vineel is such a com-peeper he read my fucking e-mail that said i was go to the footy on friday.
by Example555 March 15, 2009
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Just owns, pure owns

It is totally unstoppable, usually goes on killing sprees.
It tries to kill pikachu in a movie, but fails

It hides in a cave near Cerulean City and kills anyone who enters, unless you have a master ball.

The master ball is your only means of survival against this monster

Person 1: "Holy Shit man, i bumped into mewtwo yesterday"

Person 2: "How did u survive? Come you weren't killed like everyone else?"

Person 1: "I had a master ball!"
by Example555 January 30, 2009
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A Gaming icon all over the world

Mario is a horny italian plumber who goes through eight different world fighting koopa's, goomba's, bowser and all sorts of enemies just so he can get laid by princess peach.

After killing bowser eight times in the first game he finds peach and gets laid.

Along the way he finds shrooms which make him big, and gets him high, flowers which make him throw fireballs, and also makes him high, and a star that makes him unstoppable.

He also has a brother named luigi who is also hellbent on getting laid by princess peach.

After getting laid he just goes and does it all over again
Toadstool: "Thank You Mario! But or princess is in another castle!"

Mario: "Aww GOD DAMMIT!"
by Example555 January 30, 2009
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