When a man has a sexual, possesive, or obsessive crush on another man. For example, when a man crush becomes sexual or just plain creepy, it becomes a man fetish.
Axel has a total man fetish with Roxas.
by Christina S April 18, 2006
it is common confused as gay , but it isn't the difference is the name
I have a man fetish for papa scott
by billy suckdicksixtynine June 5, 2019
A person especially a girl who has a strong affection toward men that age about 60+
Girlfriend: All of my ex and current boyfriends are older than me 50 years
Boyfriend: Yo dog, you have a serious old man fetish.
by old man fetish October 2, 2015
When a man likes men , but is not gay for men
I have huge man fetish for davè