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Man apples are the round delicious fruit that hangs right behind the man's fat banana. In the Garden of Eden when Eve took a bite from the forbidden fruit, it wasn't a GOLDEN DELICIOUS she sank her gaping maw into but a big old ripe Man Apple. Man apples today are enjoyed by various people such as street whores, Junior High School girls, desperate wives and of course, ball licking, nut swallowing queers. Have you had your man apple today?
Eric S. cornered me in the Men's restroom at work, yanked down my shorts and took a big ol' taste of my Man Apple's. I asked him what the hell he was doing and he then swallowed my load and wiped his lips clean.

I was looking for some action at the Wooden Shoe when I walked up to a Bar Fly and asked her, her name. She smiled, grabbed my Man Apples and lead me to the alley and gave me the best blow job I have ever had. I dropped a nickle down her tits and slapped her on the face. What a ho.

People in Woodsfield, OH believe the Apple Festival is about the celebration of God's Golden tree hanging fruit when in reality it is a reason to suck dick in public by your average JT's Bar Whores and your stuck up wanna bees.
by Slob Knob Rob August 28, 2011
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