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A Spanish word that literally means "miscarried" ("malparto" means "miscarriage"), but is often used as an insult.
In practical usage, it is very similar to the English "bastard", seeing how the Spanish term "bastardo" is seldom if ever used as an insult by native speakers and means, very literally, an illegitimate child.
Call someone "miscarried" in English, or "bastardo" in Spanish, and they'll look at you funny. Call them a "malparido" or a "bastard" and they will take offense.
Ese flaco es un malparido del orto
(Literal: That guy is miscarried through the a**)
(Paraphrased: That guy is one rat bastard)
by Ian Sean Montgomery February 13, 2007
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A spanish curse. Literal translation is "ill-birthed". Usually directed at someone (unlike "fuck", which can be directed at no one in particular). Pretty much means "son of a bitch" in English.
¿Que hiciste, viejo malparido?
by Monode January 17, 2007
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its a spanish curse. more of a colombian word from the people from certain parts of colombia called means like dumbass or asshole but its a real bad curse word if said to a colombian
spanish: ese malparido si jode la vida!
english: that fuckin malparido is a bitch!
by sara dont get it twisted October 26, 2006
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This colombian and "not only paisa" word is said to an unbearable person who has been hated since the moment of being born. Who ever is called "malparido" in Colombia, not only is insulted but the fool of everybody around.
Mi jefe es un malparido.
by lilian matisse January 28, 2010
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