Anyone and everything ever to have existed. Can be used to express extreme frustration with a person, object or situation. Best when pronounced with an Italian accent, a la Assassin's Creed 2.
He just cut me off! Bastardo!
That bastardo stole my donkey!
by screed February 17, 2010
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An extreme bastard, of possibly spanish descent
Flak you bastardo, I keeeeeel yoouuu!
by FooQ March 30, 2005
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a noun, used to describe someone that's a bastard and a retard. It's used as in insult against idiots, and should not be used against mentally challenged persons who don't know their father.
Lucy: Ricardo, you fucking bastardo. I hate it when you queefmonger while I'm playing Call of Duty.
Ricardo: I wish you would pay attention to me. I queefmonger because I need love.
Lucy: Maybe I'd love you if you weren't such a premature ejaculator, you bastardo!
by Dykatami March 17, 2010
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is a guy, usually by the name of Steven, who will steal and corrupt your best friend. One day your tight like always, because best friends are always and forever. Then Steven will liquor her up and feed her reese's peanut butter cups to cover up the scent so no one knows thus tainting her fullest. You can only expect your friend to be driven away and never talk to you again there on after. Even if you were friends for 14 years.
Steven is a low life big fat bastardo.

She was fine until the bastardo had her drinking underage a lot and got up her ass so now she is a guy's girl.
by lesbobiracial January 24, 2010
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Spanish for bastard.
Illegitimate child, a child born to unmarried parents
1)My parents we're just stupid teens hooking up and my momma got knocked up with me and my dad didn't want anything to do with me or my mother so that makes me a Bastardo.

2) A baby mommas child is always a bastardo because in order to qualify to be a baby momma you have to be unwed even if living with the father.
by Krillin Kid February 22, 2017
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An Italian, Spanish, or Latino/ Latina bastard
That filthy bastard, or should I say... “bastardo
by WoodRooster August 19, 2019
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